A Quick Blender Brands Recap

There are many brands of blenders available today. Many of them offer top-of-the-line blenders with innovative features and technical specifications. Some of the best selling brands are as follows.

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Black & Decker

This is the fastest selling brand in any supermarket or appliances store. They come in various models and the cheapest one starts at $30. Most of them are countertop blenders. You also get immersion blenders in this brand. They are widely available and easily repaired if something happens.


Blendtecis similar to Vita-Mix and offer top-of-the-line blenders. Usually, Blendtec blenders are multi-purpose and can also function as food processors. The price range starts from $120 and can go up to $400.


Breville is manufactured in Australia. However, it has become popular in the United States as well. Breville has a wide line of blenders starting from basic to advanced commercial blenders. The price starts from $200.


Cuisinart is a brand that is known to give state-of-the-art designs in home appliances. There blenders are top-of-the-class and are meant for modern and contemporary homes. They are moderately priced compared to several other brands. The expensive blenders come with touch pads and LED displays. A basic blender from this brand would cost $50 and above.

Hamilton Beach

This is another popular brand which sells very quickly. This brand was the first one to introduce the wave action system in blenders. Of late, they have started exploring different designs and colors. They come in six different colors presently. The price starts at $20. Hamilton Beach is Black & Decker’s biggest competitor in the blender market.

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KitchenAid has its own brand signature in the market. The brand produces blenders, which have a die-cast metal base. It is available in various finishes and colors. The price range for these models starts from $60. KitchenAid is widely advertised in major home improvement magazines, like Good Housekeeping.

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This is a French brand, which forayed into the American markets. The brand currently is being marketed by Bosch. It usually manufactures high-tech blenders, which are mainly used for commercial purposes. They also make high-end handheld blenders, which are used in bakeries and confectioneries across the world.


The ninja is a new entrant into the world of blenders. It is a product from Euro-Pro. The Ninja brand extends to a diverse range of blenders, starting from immersible blenders to countertop and commercial ones. They have a wide range of prices as well, with the cheapest one starting at $30. Ninja still finds acceptance in the American market and is renowned for its dangerously sharp blades.

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Oster has a huge variety of blenders from the most modern ones to the basic ones. They produce every kind of blender including touchpad blenders to regular toggle operated ones. Most of their products are budget oriented. You can get an Oster blender for as little as $20. Oster initially started to target the basic user. However, today, the brand targets all kinds of users, including the commercial ones.

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Vita-Mix is a high-end blender brand and mainly used in commercial settings. However, many domestic consumers also love this brand and are willing to pay its high price. The brand’s price starts from $400. But Vita-Mix blenders can handle several kinds of blending jobs. They come with a huge variety of accessories. It may not be ideal for daily use. These blenders are not easily available in stores. You may have to order online or directly from the flagship store.

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Waring sells mid-range blenders, which are neither too expensive nor too cheap. They come with extended warranty in most cases. The brand sells blenders with steel or metallic jars which is its trademark. Prices start from $60. They are affordable and also have a long shelflife. Waring blenders are widely available in stores, both brick and mortar and online retail stores.

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