Few Tips To Use Your Blender Efficiently

Electrical devices have a funny way to going bad and a blender is no different. Left uncared for and unmaintained it too can crumble over time. From simple cooking, mixing drinks to serving guests with food and top-notch quality margarita and other beverages, blenders can be an incognito part of life. Here is how you can take proper care of your blender.

In order to take full advantage of what your blender has to offer, it is vital that you know how to properly use and take care of it. Carelessness with such a device may result in injuries, blades getting rusty, machine faults and much more. Blenders are an investment, thus you have to make the most out of it. Never take it for granted. Models that you adore and vouch for may disappear tomorrow.

Tips & Tricks

  • Now, the first thing you need to know about your blender is that you have to make sure the lid is firmly on top of the container to avoid the ingredients from spilling. You surely don’t want a mess inside your kitchen. Also, once you press the button, do not put your hand on the container, let it run by itself.
  • If you want to check the consistency of the ingredients, do not just take off the lid while the machine is still running, turn it off first. You don’t want to be splashed by a mountain of goo, especially if it is greens that you are blending. Also, before you try and pour out the contents into another container, make sure the blades have totally stopped rotating.
  • If you are blending solid and liquids together, do not run the blender at maximum. Start with the slow speed setting. If the blender seems to be having a hard time, put in some water and try again before using an even faster setting.
  • In case you would like to mix drinks, especially carbonated ones, blend the other ingredients first. It can be fruits and vegetables, etc. Once it has been blended, pour out the ingredients to another container, set it aside, wash the blender, and then include the carbonated drinks. Blending carbonated drinks with other ingredients together without properly pureeing the solids usually leads to inconsistent results.
  • One simple trick is to use frozen ingredients if you would like to serve it immediately as cold. This usually works better on stainless steel compared to plastic ones.
  • Moving on to hot liquids, keep the feeder cap so you can release some steam. If you are using glass, it might get hot and could even explode if it is too hot. Just like when blending other ingredients, always start with a low speed setting and gradually increase as needed, always keeping the temperature down.
  • If you would like some bread crumbs, feel free to put in slices of stale bread on your blender and let it blend but do not put a large amount at once. Place little by little into the feeder cup until you are satisfied.

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Also remember to clean your blender regularly and check for rusty blades for hygiene purposes. With this simple tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your blender for a long time.

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