Vitamix Professional Series 750 Review

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Review

You really want something more powerful than this blender only if you plan on blending metals!

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Vitamix, a name synonymous with high-performance blenders for the past century brings out its absolute best in the Professional Series 750 blender. An industry leader in over 100 countries, this brand new pro-level blender from their stable is designed to automatically blend according to popular recipes. With five specific blending functions, it intuitively handles the blending for frozen desserts, self-cleaning, purees, hot soups and smoothies! And when you wish to layer up a few coarse chops or chunky salsa, the pulse feature does the job regardless of what you wish to rough up a bit.

This blender can crush ice no matter the size and that too without breaking a sweat. Sleek looking with a large 64-ounce container designed for heavy abuse, this blender may cost a lot more than your Oster or ubiquitous Walmart piece but it does last way longer and comes with a smashing warranty cover. Not to mention the amount of free stuff you get with the blender – Instructional DVD, Full-Color cookbook, Tamper and quick start guide.

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About the Vitamix Professional Series 750

Ease of Use:

Simple to use yes. At first glance you might get a little lost what with all the controls and options but take a look at its quick start guide and you should settle straight into blending mode. Try making smoothies and you should feel impressed no matter the ingredients you drop in the blender. By the way, no need to chop up the harder ingredients, or fear for broken blades because you added large chunks of ice. This professional series Vitamix blender churns through anything you want. While it comes with just a 68-ounce container, you can get the Vitamix 48 oz. generic container too and just about all Vitamix generic containers fit into this blender too. So, that’s a benefit as you can always grow your collection of containers and blades.

Cleaning up this blender may for some be a tad bit tedious as you cannot throw the components into a dishwasher. This is BPA-free and comes with a self-cleaning mode that you can use with warm water and a drop of dish soap. Takes a few minutes but does a thorough job so you need not fret that much about keeping the blender clean. Plus, no spillage even in full capacity should reduce the cleaning efforts afterwards too.

There were previously concerns with the Teflon coating on the blades but these issues have now been resolved. The newer models in the market are not just easy but 100% safe too.

Motor and Horsepower:

2.2 peak horsepower anyone? You really want something more powerful than this blender only if you plan on blending metals! For those of us who still eat edible items, this blender and its motor packs all the power one needs. Making peanut butter shows you just how powerful the motor is. No need to use too much oil since, the butter literally turns into a gooey substance in a matter of minutes, that too without breaking a sweat or making a huge ruckus.

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Noise and Space:

Noise is pretty much on the down low with the Vitamix Professional Series 750. However, if you use the 32 oz. dry or wet containers then the noise levels go through the roof. The 64-ounce container packaged along with the blender though is super silent and won’t wake up the dog or your neighbors even if you go full blast.

As for space, it should fit right under your kitchen counter but, beware this is an approximation. It fits under on our counter top but from what we read during our research phase, some folks with older kitchen designs were disappointed that they had to store the container separately from the base.

Options and Features:

This is a professional series blender from Vitamix and a model that is heavily relied upon in the wine and dine world. If this does not tell you about all the amazing things you can achieve with the blender, then you better stick to an Oster! Loads of recipes in the accompanying recipe booklet, loads of speeds and amazing pulsing feature for ice crushing – you may never run out of crazy ideas to try with this blender.

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Warranty & Service:

Now Vitamix is known for its amazing service and long warranty covers so why did we remove one point then? Well, it is because of the history surrounding this specific model. Vitamix could have handled the recall better and should never have kept the product on the shelfs knowing very well their design had a major flaw. Having said that, they did resolve the issue rather quickly, issued a refund to those who wanted one and replaced older models with newer ones immediately for every single 750 owner – that in itself speaks loads on Vitamix’s commitment to making world-class products.

By the way, this model is covered under a long 7-year warranty, in case you are wondering.


Vitamix is one of our favorite blenders in the market. They simply happen to be spot on with their innovations, additions and redesigns. No wonder professionals in the F&B business tend to look at only Vitamix as their viable blending option. Yes, this blender is expensive but it will do a lot of things that you cannot even begin to comprehend unless you get it. Go for it, you simply won’t regret it. The Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender is a buy and forget blender.

Features and Specifications:

  • Total of five settings designed to automatically blend and dice ingredients based on the recipe you make. Results in consistent results always.
  • 2.2 HP commercial grade motor makes a pulp of anything you put in the container and yet is quieter than any other blender out there with half its power output.
  • Easy to clean, just soak the machine in warm water and some dish soap for half an hour.
  • Made entirely in the USA, this blender supports the American economy.
  • 64-ounce container, durable, BPA-free and perfect for all kinds of blending requirements.
  • Covered by a long 7 Year Vitamix guarantee warranty.


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