Types of Blenders

Many regard blenders as just another handy appliance at home. If you aren’t a kitchen enthusiast, chances are you wouldn’t know that there exists different types of blender. Each type has a different purpose and it is important that you are able to identify one from the other so that you know which one to purchase. You will also need to know what you can use it for so that you purchase according to your specific needs.

General Purpose Blender

The most dominating type of blender in the market is the general purpose type. These usually cost much less and are found in abundance on supermarket shelves. They usually have a steady base and a pitcher-like container on top – kind of what anyone imagines blenders to be.

This type of blender is also the one more commonly used for creating milkshakes and smoothies. They usually have several speed options to choose the type of consistency and action. For those who are just looking to blend drinks and create health juices, the General purpose blender is good enough. Expensive models while being general purpose do come with more advanced features or safety nets.

Immersion Blender

Another type of blender that chefs and bakers usually prefer is the immersion blender. It can function like a general blender but has to be handled like an egg-beater. Generally, such a blender has a swirling blade located at the bottom. Bakers usually use this for mixing flour and eggs together, the kind that you see on television. It can also be used to stir up soup, make puree and can even chop up vegetables that aren’t so hard. While it is not as powerful as a general purpose blender, it is much more portable and relatively easier to use.

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Choosing the Right Blender

Deciding on what type of blender to buy is a decision that must be carefully thought out.

  • If you want a versatile option in the kitchen (grind, puree, mix, emulsify etc.), then go with a general purpose blender. It can even help juice produce and process solid food. If you want better juice and processed produce though, you might want to invest on a juicer and a food processor as well.
  • A food processor is considered a heavy duty blender that can do tasks that ordinary blenders might not be powerful enough to do. Chefs prefer this over ordinary blenders as it lets them perform a variety of kitchen tasks, thanks to its amazing horsepower. It can mix ingredients and turn them into spices. Chopping, mincing, cutting or even cutting various kitchen ingredients is just a button away.
  • With various types of blenders available in the market, it is important to invest in one that would suit your needs. It doesn’t really have to be the most expensive brand in the market, just one with good quality and have several options to choose from.
  • If you would like to bring a blender with you to places, go for the immersion type. It is less bulky and can blend your food still. Examine each brand, look for reviews, and even compare them to have a better perspective and better guidance in choosing the perfect appliance for you.
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