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When it comes to blenders, there is no question that you have a ton of options on the market. Simply focusing on brands, we are looking at a very, very long list of possibilities. If you are shopping for your first blender, or if you are finally upgrading the clunker you’ve had since the Clinton Administration, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of potential.

Let’s make things a little easier for you. Right out of the gate, we want to tell you that when it comes to the best blender on the market, you really can’t go wrong with Ninja blenders. Manufactured by the company Euro Pro, Ninja blenders ninja bladesmake some pretty bold promises. Starting from the top, they promise to combine innovation, powerful crushing technology, and ease-of-use into a single device. Are their claims legitimate? We believe so.

This is definitely the Arctic Dominator. Ninja® takes great pride in its Ninja® Crushing™ technology that blast through ice as if it were soft candy. Ninja® was developed by Euro-Pro Operating LLC, whose goal is to provide high-quality products that fit the lifestyle of today’s consumer. You won’t have to go to a five star restaurant; you can make a great meal with that ninja blender helping you create amazing sauces and tasty dips right in the heart of your kitchen.

The Ninja® has a PULSE-control processing and chopping with three separate speeds for mixing, blending, and ice crushing respectfully. It is excellent for making ice cream and also smoothies. The blender is able to go one step beyond and allow the owner to grind seeds and nuts for nut butter, and it is easy to purchase replacement parts. The blades are made of stainless steel and the blender comes with a 2 foot cord that has a box located in the base for storage. The jar, lid, and blade assembly are all dishwasher safe, though it is recommended that the lid and blade assembly be placed on the top rack of dishwasher prior to being cleaned.

In fact, we are so confident in everything Ninja blenders can offer, we have five reasons why your next blender purchase should be a Ninja.

Advantages Of Using Ninja Blenders

One of the best things about Ninja blenders is the fact that you can use them for a variety of different purposes. The blades are proficient at blending, pureeing, chopping, or even making dough. Drinks featuring ice flakes, salsas, and soups are just a few of the things you can make.

Four blade and six blade technologies are utilized by Ninja Blenders. Regardless of the device you ultimately purchase, you are going to be taking advantage of impressive technology behind those blades. To put it another way, you can rely on those blades for just about anything you may have in mind.

There are several different containers that can be used with this blender. You have 72 oz. cups, 48 oz. cups, and 40 oz. cups. This gives you a great deal of versatility, in terms of what you can make.

To be sure, you want to put your money behind a blender that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. This is particularly true if you know you aren’t going to need something with a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles. Ninja blenders are some of the most affordable blenders available.

Finally, these are some of the most durable blenders to be found anywhere. You are getting something that will stand the test of time and frequent usage.

Reviews On Some Of The Market's Best Ninja Blenders

Ninja QB900B Review

The Ninja QB900B is a food processor and blender packed into one that makes certain tasks in the kitchen easy and quick. Chopping, blending and crushing occur seamlessly in a noise-free environment. And, then the jar and lid can be washed in a dishwasher.

2 Ninja BL610 Review

Ninja BL610 Review

The Ninja BL610 is a smart, efficient blender with a heavy duty, BPA-free plastic build and dishwasher-proof components. Its 1000-watt motor, 3-speed levels and pulverizing action with total crushing blades, make it ideal for preparing ultra-smooth drinks, frozen desserts, sauces, dips and so on!

3 Ninja BL700 Review

Ninja BL700 Review

What could be better than a cold, creamy smoothie on a hot day? Maybe you prefer to bake cookies, pizzas, cakes and other things? The Ninja BL700 has all of the capabilities required to do this and much, much more. Whatever you’re craving, this Ninja blender can help make it happen!

4 Ninja NJ600 Review

Ninja NJ600 Review

The Ninja NJ600 is a smoothie and frozen drink lover’s blender. It pulverizes ice quickly with ease to make frozen drinks in a snap. For a family on the go it offers fast drink making and dishwasher safe clean up in a slender easy-to-store unit. Did we also mention that it is inexpensive to own?

5 Ninja QB1004 Review

Ninja QB1004 Review

The Ninja QB1004 is a consumer grade blender and food processor that works like a commercial grade blender. It comes with extremely sharp multi-layered blades that make blending and chopping easy and quick. In other words, it is an efficient appliance that every household will find useful.

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