Features To Look For In An Immersion Blender

An immersion or handheld blender is an easy and convenient kitchen device to have. Many users look at handheld blenders with skepticism. They wonder why buy another blender when a countertop blender can perform all the tasks. The features of a handheld blender are much more practical in several situations than a countertop blender. One of the best feature is they are easy to clean and maintain.

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The immersion blenders come in various sizes from small to heavy use devices. Bigger blenders are pretty difficult to handle as they tend to get heavy. It beats the purpose of being a handheld device, but they are still ideal for commercial usage. For basic home usage a medium sized handheld blender is good enough.


Handheld blenders can sometimes cost as much as a countertop blender or more. The pricing depends on the power of the blender and its specifications. A basic handheld blender with medium level setting can be bought at under $70. Keep a budget for buying a handheld blender before you choose one. Of course, the budget will have to be realistic.


There are two types of immersion blenders. One comes with a power cord and another is the battery operated device. Choosing a type of device completely depends on personal preferences. A battery operated device is slightly more difficult to maintain because you have to keep charging or buying batteries to operate it. It may also prove to be expensive in the long run. A device with a power cord can be used anytime you want to.


Usually handheld devices are not difficult to maintain as they have very few attachments. They also do not get as messy as countertop blenders if you use them correctly. The only maintenance you have to do is wash the blades and shaft which usually are dishwasher-safe. However, you still need to investigate if the device is mostly maintenance-free.


A handheld blender can perform many tasks, like pureeing, grinding, crushing, whisking, chopping and juicing. Either the blender has to come with appropriate settings or it should come with additional blades to facilitate all the possible tasks.


These blenders need to be comfortable to handle. For example, if it is too heavy then you may not be able to blend efficiently and it could be tedious to hold it. Before buying a handheld blender test it by holding or using it. The weight of the device may bear you down when you are handling harder or coarser ingredients. These devices are meant to be lightweight and sturdy at the same time. You can easily get ergonomically designed handheld blenders nowadays.


Handheld blenders are meant to be compact and can easily fit into the kitchen drawers or be mounted on the wall. Check out the practicality of the device before you buy it. They should be easy to handle and also store. If it comes with too many accessories, you will need to make space for an additional appliance.

Power and Safety

An immersion device typically comes with a 100-Watt motoror more. They are normally safe to use. However, the blades that are attached to the device should be safe to use, as many can be dangerously sharp. They should not detach from the shaft during operation. Safety specifications need to be checked before you buy this type of blender.


Most of the immersion blenders come with a seamless design. They look sleek and some are even pencil like in appearance. They come in chrome, black and steel finishes. They look good when mounted on the wall. However, while buying one, do not let the looks be the sole deciding factor.


Usually people think that handheld blenders do not last for very long. Their warranty period also is very short. However, there are several good brands that offer extended warranty on handheld blenders. These blenders can last for several years, even with daily use. The typical warranty that you will find is one year limited warranty. Find out what is covered under the warranty.

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