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What is the difference between a food processor and a blender?

A food processor is a type of device that cuts vegetables and fruits, chops, dices and purees. Some food processors also mix dough. However, they cannot do all the tasks that a blender might do, such as grinding, mixing and crushing.

A blender can do most of the things a food processor can perform. It can chop and puree vegetables and fruits.

Which is better – a food processor or a blender?

It all depends on individual needs. A food processor is quick enough if you want to make a salad or something. You can do this in a blender too. There are a few things a blender cannot do, such as kneading dough.

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How to choose a blender?

Choosing a blender depends on individual preferences and their usage. Whether you have to choose a high-end blender or a regular kitchen use blender depends on what type of use you have. If you are a heavy user then a high-end blender is advisable. A regular blender is sufficient for everyday use.

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What is a handheld or immersion blender?

A handheld or immersion blender is a compact device that can serve basic blending needs. It is easy and practical to use. Usually, a handheld blender is great for small quantities. It also is lightweight and easy to maintain.

Will handheld blender grind hard ingredients?

It depends on the type of handheld blender. A basic handheld blender cannot handle hard substances like nuts and whole spices. You may not get the fine quality of grinding. However, there are some high-end immersion blenders which can grind very well.

Why do I need a countertop blender?

A countertop blender is a useful kitchen device to have. They come with several assortments to suit different needs. They come with separate jars and in different sizes. This might be handy when you have large amounts of ingredients to grind.

Are blenders with touch pads better?

Blenders with touch pads are expensive. However, they have several settings that one might find helpful. The touch pads are easy to maintain and clean. They look tech savvy in a kitchen. However, a basic blender can work as good as any touch pad blender. If you have the budget for a touch pad blender, then go for it.

How do I clean a blender?

After using the blender, use a damp cloth to clean the device. Dismantle the blades from the jar and then put the jar into the dishwasher. Wash the blades separately.

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Do I need a separate blender for cocktails?

It is advisable to have a separate container or blender to mix cocktails. A regular countertop blender can make cocktails. However, you need to maintain separate jars so that the food odors do not get into the drinks.

What is a cocktail blender?

A cocktail blender is a device that can mix cocktails. It can crush ice and also give you a fine mix of drinks.

What is a margarita blender?

Margaritas are an exotic drink which is served with crushed ice and salt lining the glass. The margarita blender has a separate compartment to crush ice and mix the drinks.

How many settings should a blender have?

There is no standard number of settings that a blender should have. Some work on speeds and some on the type of result you want.

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What is the ideal wattage for a counter top blender?

If you want a higher power blender, then you should buy one with an increased wattage. For basic use, a blender with 500 watts or more is enough.

What is the ideal wattage for an immersion blender?

An immersion blender should have wattage of 100 watts or more.

Can a blender be used to knead dough?

No, a blender cannot knead dough. Even if it does, it is very difficult to clean.

Can blender be used with hot substances?

Yes, provided you do not run the blender continuously, as it will overheat the motor.

What is a smoothie blender?

A smoothie blender comes with a single attachment jar to make smoothies.

How much does a blender cost?

The cost of a blender varies depending on its power, features, accessories and brand. You get blenders starting from $30, going all the way to more than $500.

What accessories come with a blender?

A blender comes with an assortment of blades and different sized containers.

What is a cordless blender?

A cordless blender is a battery operated blender and is typically an immersion blender.

Which is the best brand of blender?

There are several different brands of blender. Most of them are good.

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