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Vitamix made advertising history in1949 when it created the first infomercial to demonstrate the Vitamix blender to the American public. The company has won numerous awards over the years, including the 2013 Best in Class from Food Service Equipment and Supplies Magazine(this is the fifth consecutive year Vitamix has won this award).

Vitamix blenders are engineered for continuous use, and durability is noted in both residential and commercial kitchens. Blades are made of stainless steel and the motor makes best use of speed, power, and torque. The company prides itself on building American made products and no less than 70% of the components are of American manufacture.

Vitamix once do more than just provide a handy kitchen appliance. The company wishes to inspire even beginning cooks to be innovative and experiment in creating delightful meals for the family. Unlike other blenders, the Vitamix product can prepare dough for the oven by simulating the kneading process. The recipes are included on the website to encourage you to make the best use of your Vitamix blender. Vitamix offers a full warranty that covers all parts, labor, and atwo-way shipping free of charge is included. You can try your Vitamix blender for 30 days and return it during that time period for a full refund if not satisfied.

Why Choose Vitamix Blenders

Largest selection (21 models) of blenders in the market today, each designed with a specific task at hand.

Longest warranty in the market today with a wide area of coverage, plenty of service centers and an excellent service rating. Vitamix offers 7 years warranty on all its blenders.

Usually more than 4 speed options are available with all Vitamix blenders including one for pulsing.

Unconventional 6-blade design provides more surface area to slash and cut through ingredients quicker and finer.

You can never run out of raw power!

Reviews On Some Of The Market's Best Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Review

Do you and your family depend heavily on a blender for more than the occasional smoothie? If so, then you need a professional grade machine one that is trusted by chefs and bartenders all over the world. Selling at the top spot in over 100 countries, say hello to Vitamix 750.

2 Vitamix 5200 Review

Vitamix 5200 Review

How does the Vitamix 5200 stack up against the other blenders? Some people are calling this the “BMW” of blenders. Does it live up to the hype? Whether you feel this is worth the hefty price tag depends on what you’re using it for, and how much you are going to be using it.

3 Vitamix 5200S Review

Vitamix 5200S Review

The Vitamix 5200S is a high performance blender possessing an equally impressive 2 HP Motor with plenty of speed options, the ability to heat ingredients. The only question remains whether it can match its hefty price tag with its feature set and performance.

4 Vitamix 1709 Review

Vitamix 1709 Review

The Vitamix 1709 is a professional and commercial grade blender. It can chop, grind, puree, mix, blend and juice like a pro and makes a wonderful addition in a restaurant or home. It is quick, convenient and efficient – definitely worth every penny spent.

5 Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend Review

Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend Review

The Vitamix 1782 lives up to it's hype. We did some serious testing with this blender and had some impressive results. It's bit a on the pricey side, but if you're looking power, the 1782 is what you want.

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Blender Reviews
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