Vitamix 5200S Review

Vitamix 5200S Review

Has the ability to heat up a mixture or a soup to room temperature!

7.6 Overall Score Reviewed By Experts

When it comes to the Vitamix 5200s, people want to know; is this worth the price of the product? It does have an absolute ton of options including variable speed and high speed. There are specific things that can be done with the Vitamix 5200s that cannot be done with a traditional blender.

It is definitely a luxury blender, it does have the capacity to produce shakes, soups, or anything related for a party of people without having to do multiple small batches – this isn’t very fun to do, trust us, we’ve done it. Regardless of our predisposition towards large powerful blenders, we want to make sure that we are giving you the best buying decision. So let’s proceed and find out if this Vitamix 5200s is right for you. And, if worse comes to worse you can always fall back on the 7 year warranty as an excuse to buy it, simply because – this is the last blender that you’ll have to purchase this decade!

About the Vitamix 5200S

Ease of Use:

Please, read the instruction manual carefully – this blender is not very easy to use at all and will require time to get a complete return on investment! There were times where we accidentally doubled the power by pressing one switch, creating a beautiful veggie fruit mix, rather than a diced concoction. We’re aren’t saying that it is impossible to master, but it won’t be something that you can just take out the box and use like a pro right away.

Motor and Horsepower:

The Vitamix 5200S, is a 2 horse power blender. Therefore it is powerful, and as mentioned in the last feature, actually has the ability to heat up a mixture or a soup to room temperature. – that’s something about 99% of blenders cannot do. This high powered motor gives the blender the ability to process foods quite quickly and smoothly.

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Noise and Space:

This product is extremely loud, and it takes up a lot of space. It is kind of like a truck in terms of sound, power, size and capabilities. It does a lot, but it definitely does take up space in the meantime. There is no way to really quiet it down as even on the lowest speeds; you are going to hear a great deal of noise. The 2 HP motor of the unit has a lot to do with this obviously – everything has its drawbacks.

Options and Features:

This Vitamix 5200s includes an on/off button, as seen in its replica, the “5200”. It has the ability to blend a ton of solids and to actually heat them up as liquids. The controls are very intricate and complex; however, if you are able to master the controls you will be able to make the best mixes. For example, if you are trying to create a thick hot mixture then you want to go ahead and use the variable speed dial. Certain things such as chopping foods or grinding meats are critical in this situation. There is also a re-designed, “twist-out” plug that can actually serve as a measuring cup. The recipe book even advises to use it as such!

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Warranty & Service:

The Vitamix 5200s is comes with a 7 year warranty, which is superb. Most blenders offer you a one year warranty. However, Vitamix stands by its immaculate track record and superior customer service, which is why they don’t mind charging that extra bit and offering such a long service and warranty contract. Most importantly, the 7 year warrant is fully guaranteed – no cloak and dagger trap clauses included.


Overall, the Vitamix 5200 is a great machine. The only main difference between this machine and a run of the mill blender is its raw power. That’s where it shines but where it truly outshines is in the numerous speed settings and things it can achieve. Oh yeah, and a 7 year warranty never hurts either. Although, the price point is a definite talking point, having seen it firsthand in action, we are led to believe the cost of acquisition more than justifies the returns. If you have money to burn, go for it, however, if not, save for something else but be prepared to shelf out more in the next 7 years.

Features and Specifications:

  • 7 Year Long best in the market Warranty.
  • Uses 110 Volt input with US plug.
  • Recipe/Cook Book to get started and instructional DVD inclusive.
  • 64 ounce container vortex creator design for thorough and efficient processing, die-cast base and sturdy construction.
  • Easy to Clean & Remove Lid with 2 Horsepower peak motor.


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