KitchenAid KSB1575 Review

KitchenAid KSB1575 Review

The manufacturer claims that its blenders are one of the most powerful in the market and we completely agree.

7.4 Overall Score Reviewed By Experts

When buying a blender, it is so easy to opt for a less expensive one. You may tell yourself that all blenders are alike. Well, think again. When it comes to the KitchenAid KSB1575, you will be extremely impressed, at least, we were!

Packed with a powerful motor, it offers a total of 5 speeds capable enough to can make smoothies, dips, soups and crushed ice within seconds. There is just a one-piece BPA-free pitcher that makes cleaning quick and easy. The pitcher, albeit tall, is shatter-proof and lightweight.

We really like the cord storage facility at the bottom of the blender’s base. We thought it was innovative and unique. Also, the soft-grip handle of the pitcher was a novelty that we have yet to see in other blenders. The even blender comes in a wide range of colors, so color-coordinating it to your kitchen décor will be rather easy. Furthermore, the one year replacement warranty is hassle-free and there are not too many manufacturers who can boast of this.

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About the KitchenAid KSB1575

Ease of Use:

The KitchenAid KSB1575 is easy to use. The single pitcher is its biggest asset, as it reduces the time spent on cleaning up after using the blender. However, we did notice a little issue with the lid. While in operation, the blender vibrates quite a bit and if your hand is not on the lid, it will pop open and spew the contents on your counter top. Other than this flaw, we found the controls easy to use and understand. The 5-speed really makes life easy in the kitchen.

While there have been consumers complaining of leaks from the base of the blender, we did not experience it. So, we really cannot comment on it.

Motor and Horsepower:

The manufacturer claims that its blenders are one of the most powerful in the market and we completely agree with this with this statement. With 670-Watt and 0.9 horsepower motor at your service, you can go about chopping, crushing, blending and mixing quickly and efficient.

The KitchenAid KSB1575 comes with Intelli-Speed® Motor Control which allows it to sense the ingredients in the pitcher and adjust its speed accordingly. We found this feature quite useful, especially when pureeing hard veggies and fruits.

We also noticed that since the blender worked quickly, the motor did not overheat or emit a burning odor.

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Noise and Space:

The KitchenAid KSB1575 is just like any other blender. It makes some noise while in operation. Thankfully, we did not find the noise too loud. Neither did our neighbors complain nor did we have to crank up the volume of our TV.

However, we did find the size a little inconvenient, as we could not store it under our cabinet. At a height of 18 inches, this can be a problem. But the blender has a width of just 9 inches, so you can just about store it in your cabinet without taking up too much horizontal space. Furthermore, we found the 60-ounce pitcher a bit too large, especially if you are making smoothies for two.

Options and Features:

We were really impressed with this blender, in particular its 5-speed option and a separate ice crushing button. Using the blender we could chop, mix, liquefy and puree fruits and veggies and adjust the speed based on the consistency we wanted. There is also a pulse mode that works with all the five speeds. Just pushing the ice crush button gives crushed snow in a few seconds!

We also appreciated the control panel that comes with white LED lights. The soft-touch panel is easy to operate and decipher. More than that, it is easy to clean. Just wiping it with a damp cloth can remove any trace of dirt.

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Warranty & Service:

The manufacturer offers 1 year replacement warranty. It is hassle-free and quick. If you have problems within a year of ownership, just take the blender to an authorized service center and put your name, shipping address and proof of purchase in the carton. After doing this, just sit tight and wait for your replacement blender. It’s that easy!


The KitchenAid KSB1575 truly is a remarkable blender. It is quick, efficient and competitively priced based on the features it offers. It can puree, juice, mix, chop and crush ice extremely well and consistently. The 5-speed motor and pulse mode are advantageous. While there are some issues, such as excessive vibrations and the lid coming off, we feel that these can easily be overlooked based on the other pros that the blender has.

Features and Specifications:

  • Single piece stainless steel blade.
  • 60-ounce dishwasher safe pitcher.
  • BPA-free.
  • 5-speed.
  • Touch control pad.
  • Cord storage facility .
  • 0.9 HP motor.
  • Die cast metal base.
  • 1 year replacement warranty.


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