Ninja BL610 Review

Ninja BL610 Review

The Ninja model is one of the quietest professional blenders out there!

8.4 Overall Score Reviewed By Experts

From refreshing shakes and iced coffee, to healthy juices, sauces and dips, the Ninja BL610 is a robust professional blender that works well with unparalleled finesse. With its goblet capacity of 72 oz, you can easily prepare a wide range of drinks for your family and friends, all the while knowing that de-assembling and cleaning its dishwasher-safe parts, is going to be a cakewalk!

The 1000 watt professional power performance of this Ninja Blender is further enhanced by its highly durable, Total Crushing Blades and Pulverizing Technology, so that you get a delectably smooth end product. Not to forget, you can be rest assured of absolute food safety whilst using this hi-tech blender, since all its parts are 100% BPA-free!

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About the Ninja BL610

Ease of Use:

When you picture this massive and somewhat heavy blender, you might have apprehensions about its ease of use. But the Ninja BL610 is bound to surprise you in this regard! You can easily detach its blades and pitcher, and put them in your dishwasher after every use. The buttons are clearly labeled and marked, so that you have no difficulties operating them, as opposed to the uncomfortable rotating knob for speed levels that you often encounter in other blenders. I also love its large, slip-proof handle, and the fact that its pitcher is transparent with clear volume-metric markings.

Motor and Horsepower:

The Ninja BL610 has a robust, 1000 watt power motor that definitely takes it to a level of operational efficiency that’s several notches higher than that of any other blender of this price-range! I would say it’s total value for money in terms of motor and horsepower; it just goes on and on without tiring! The ‘total crushing blades’ as they’re called do their bit by enhancing this power-blending action of the heavy-duty motor.

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Noise and Space:

I’ll make no qualms about the fact that the Ninja BL610 is not as compact or lightweight as your average home blender. But given its power-packed performance (in line with the professional blender that it is designed to be!), I think it fares quite well in these aspects. Let me begin with the noise aspect. Well, my best friend owns a Patisserie Store, I’m familiar with the decibel levels and space occupied by professional blenders. So I can vouch for the fact that noise-wise, this Ninja model is equivalent to the least noisy professional blenders. In context of the space it occupies, the good thing is that this appliance has more of a vertical inclination (or an elongated structure to put simply), so you can actually adjust it even on a small counter top. But as I mentioned, it is heavier than your average blender; so you cannot shift it around too much. And you definitely require at least a medium-sized countertop to stack this Ninja blender, especially when you’re de-assembling its parts for washing.

Options and Features:

I’m a self-admitted fan of this blender’s amazing features! First of all, you have 3 speed levels to choose from; so if I’m making a simple banana or melon smoothie, I use the first speed mode. For trickier veggies like wheatgrass, Aloe Vera or spinach, you should always use the 3rd level. And the instant ice-crushing is definitely worth a mention. My son loves the snowy treats that I create in a jiffy, thanks to its total crushing action! And the device’s superb functionality doesn’t just end at blending. Next to the power button and the low, medium and high speed buttons on the control panel, you’ll notice a pulse button that is intended for controlled processing. So you can rely on the Ninja Blender as a really handy food processor as well, especially when you have a lot of dough to be kneaded or nuts and spices to be finely chopped. A savior when you have guests coming over suddenly, or you’re running short of time before festivities!

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Warranty & Service:

Well, the warranty period of this blender is limited to 1 year, but don’t let that disappoint you. Having used it almost daily over the last 10 months, I can tell you that the device is extremely sturdy, and the parts (all BPA-free, high-grade plastic) are indeed heavy-duty, befitting a strong, professional make!


The Ninja BL610 is your gateway to attaining the perfection of professional blending, crushing, pureeing and controlled processing, within the comfort of your home. The device makes doling out large quantities of drinks, an effortless task. A fuss-free appliance with powerful, yet smooth functionality, it definitely takes you several steps closer to your fantasy kitchen!

Features and Specifications:

  • Seamless, professional blending with 1000 Watt Motor
  • Powerful Crushing and Pulverizing ensures ultra-smooth purees, crushed ice etc.
  • Freeze Blending Option for Chilled, Velvety Smoothies
  • High Capacity 72 oz-goblet for entire family
  • BPA-free, Heavy-duty Plastic Components can be easily dish washed


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