Ninja QB900B Review

Ninja QB900B Review

The single speed button gives more control over the consistency.

7.6 Overall Score Reviewed By Experts

The ideal blender should be lightweight, efficient, quiet and cost effective. The Ninja QB900B fits all these requirements. We definitely liked the blender even though it had a few drawbacks.

First off, we liked the compact appearance of the blender. It looked neat and tidy. The blades looked sharp and mean, which is not necessarily a bad thing! The three containers, although made from plastic, look elegant. We appreciate the tall pitcher, as it is perfect for making smoothies and frozen margaritas. The only drawback we noticed was the manual operation. Our finger had to be on the button constantly to keep the blender running. While the blender finishes up in seconds, it is a definite disadvantage. Also, we noticed some spillage while using the blender.

Nonetheless, we thought that this blender is strong enough to blend just about anything. Nothing that was put into the containers remain un-chopped. The patented Ninja® technology sure works great!

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About the Ninja QB900B

Ease of Use:

The Ninja QB900B is quite easy to assemble and use. But beware of the dangerously sharp blades that can cut your fingers to the bone. The blending and chopping occurs within a few seconds.

Other than the power pod, all parts of the blender are dishwasher-safe. The manufacturer recommends putting them in the top rack of the dishwasher and we second it. We observed that placing it anywhere else can make it a little difficult to get the items thoroughly cleansed.

The single speed button gives more control over the consistency, but do not use it more than 20 seconds or the motor will overheat and emit a burning odor.

We also found that the bowl and pitchers are microwave-safe.

Motor and Horsepower:

We assumed that the motor would not be very powerful, but were proven wrong. The 400-Watt motor is quite efficient and strong enough to blend, chop and crush. The blender operates on 120V and utilizes 160 Hz electrical power. We also like the top placement of the motor, making it distinct from most other blenders.

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Noise and Space:

The Ninja QB900B is quiet, which was a novelty considering most blenders and food processors roar like a jet. When we turned it on to make a smoothie, we only heard the blades rotating at high speed and no sound whatsoever of the motor.

We noticed that it was easy to store this blender. With dimensions of 10 inches X 11 inches X 6 inches, the Ninja hardly occupies any space on the countertop. It can be placed on the counter without worries that it will get in the way. Alternatively, it can be put into the cabinet in the smallest of spaces.

Options and Features:

We believe that the Ninja QB1004 has one major disadvantage – its manual operation. While there is a pulse system, you need to keep your finger on the button to blend or pulse. Of course, it happens pretty quick, but most folks, we imagine will want to throw in their veggies and fruits, turn on the blender and start doing something else whilst the blender finishes up.

We also observed that the seals for the pitchers were not very efficient. While blending, food particles get stuck between the seal, causing liquids to seep out of the top. This can make a big mess if you aren’t vigilant.

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Warranty & Service:

We are a little skeptical about the plastic components used to make the Ninja QB900B. Our experience suggests that these components are prone to melting and stripping, especially those located close to the motor.

When it comes to warranty, there is 1 year limited warranty that does not cover normal wear and tear. As this is a consumer grade blender, the warranty becomes void if the blender is used for commercial purposes.


On the whole the Ninja QB900B is a compact and efficient blender. It is virtually noiseless and can do a fantastic job of chopping and blending. Furthermore, the blender literally crushes ice for cocktails, smoothies and frozen coffee in a few seconds, just what the manufacturer claims. While the manual operation is a tad bit inconvenient, do not let it stop you from investing in this blender. It definitely gets a thumbs-up from us.

Features and Specifications:

  • Patented Ninja® technology.
  • 400-Watt motor.
  • BPA-free.
  • Parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Quad blade technology for efficient blending, ice crushing and uniform cutting.
  • 40- and 48-ounce pitchers and 16-ounce bowl.
  • Storage lids to keep preparations fresh.
  • Containers are microwave-safe.


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