Oster Versa BLSTVB-000-000 Review

Oster Versa BLSTVB-000-000 Review

There is no doubt that the Oster BLSTVB-000-000 is very powerful.

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Do you love drinking healthy smoothies and fruit juices? If your answer is yes, the Oster Versa 1400-watt could be the perfect gadget for you. Equipped with a powerful motor and stainless steel blades, this blender can blend fruits and veggies and crush ice in seconds. The 1400-watt motor makes blending and ice crushing seem like an easy task in the kitchen. In fact, you probably will never require more power it this has to offer.

The blender also has a professional and sturdy appearance. And, what is interesting is that the blender comes with a recipe book giving you an opportunity to experiment with it and create something new every day in the kitchen. It’s jar has a square base, making it sturdy and difficult to tip over. Besides the ample 7 year warranty along with a sturdy overall design does help elongate its service period, something that you ought to take into consideration when you look at its price, which is pretty economical when measured against the feature list.

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About the Oster BLSTVB-000-000

Ease of Use:

The control panel of the blender is definitely easy to use. After all, all it has is a dial and four buttons. The dial is used to adjust the speed to your liking, while the four buttons are for pulse, smoothies, soups and sauces or dips respectively. All you need to do is turn the dial and press the required button to get it going.

The jar is easy to connect to the base and comes with a secure lid to prevent spillage. It also features a no-mess spout. Basically, the spout is designed to reduce further spillage and concentrate the flow into a streamline. Moreover, the base is sturdy and this ensures no movement while it is being operated.

Despite the large jar size, it is easy to clean, especially the nooks and crannies. A simple rinse with hot soap lathered water suffices.

Motor and Horsepower:

There is no doubt that the Oster BLSTVB-000-000 is very powerful. After all, it the comes with a 1,400-watt motor that offers 28,000 rpms of speed to the six-pronged blade. This ensures you can blend high loads in one go. It even blends so-called, ‘hard-to-blend’ vegetables and fruits without ever whining. Even after using the blender for a few minutes at high speed, you will not get that “hot, burning” odor that is common in most blenders.

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Noise and Space:

The Oster Versa has a powerful 1,400-watt motor and this means it is rather noisy when compared to an average blender. The noise level is so high that you may want to leave the kitchen while the blender is working. It can also cause you to turn up the volume of your TV to hear anything that is being said.

The jar is large at 64 ounces, so you can make a large smoothie or drink, basically anything you can think of. This also makes it ideal for parties when you are making soups, dips, sauces or cocktails for large groups.

It is a tall blender, about 2 feet in height, may not easily fit in the space between the counter and cabinet.

Options and Features:

This is not a blender with too many features. It comes with three programmed setting and pulse, and that is about all you will get from it. There is a however, a speed dial that makes it easy to adjust the speed of the blades. Nevertheless, we found that such a limited environment did not detract from its overall usability.

The Versa 1400 comes with a large tamper that allows you to push down the ingredients to ensure all of them get blended such that there is no wastage of ingredients.

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Warranty & Service:

This is a consumer grade blender that offers commercial grade results. The Oster BLSTVB-000-000 comes with a limited 7-year warranty. Any repair or spare part replacement in a malfunctioning blender is subject to normal wear and tear and at the discretion of the service center.


Overall, the Oster BLSTVB-000-000 offers great power and speed for consistent blending. With this one blender, you can do away with an ice chopper, food processor, smoothie maker and a handheld mixer, as it can do everything these gadgets can. Although, the blender does offers high performance, the sound can be rather deafening. Thankfully, you will eventually get used to it. Also, you need to think twice before buying this Oster, if you do not have high kitchen cabinets. Otherwise, the performance is excellent and higher blade-spinning speed ensures everything gets blended perfectly. Remember, it also is backed by a long warranty, which in itself makes it a worthwhile investment.

Features and Specifications:

  • Professional and sturdy looking blender.
  • Strong and powerful blender with a 1,400-watt motor that gives a massive 28,000 rpms power to the blade.
  • Six-point stainless steel blade that spins at a speed of 250 mph.
  • BPA-free 64-ounce jar, which comes with a secure lid.
  • It comes with 127-page color recipe book.
  • The jar is designed for quick connection and does not require twisting or snapping into place.
  • The tamper allows seamless pushing of ingredients into the blade for blending.
  • Three pre-programmed settings, pulse and speed dial to adjust the speed.
  • 7-year warranty Cover from Manufacturer.


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