Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher 54221 Review

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher 54221 Review

Probably the most silent of all tabletop blenders in the market.

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Hamilton Beach blenders are way less expensive as opposed to other brands. In fact, they cost a fraction of Ninja and Vitamix offerings. The Beach Wave 54221 is no different. Not only does it cost less but comes packed with plenty of amazing features. Take for instance a whopping 14 blending speed settings! And before we forget, it has 2 pulse options – one at low and another at high.

The Hamilton Beach Wave blender does not make that much noise except when you crush ice. Oh! Yes, it crushes ice with impunity thanks to a 700-watt motor underneath its calm and cute exterior. Basically, you have all the power you will ever need to dice, puree, crush or mix. To top it off, the 40 oz. glass jar is totally dishwasher safe and comes with a mess-free spout for pouring. The blades are removable too. But probably the biggest advantage of getting a Hamilton Beach blender is that for such low cost it is protected by 3 years’ all-inclusive warranty.

About the Hamilton Beach 54221

Ease of Use:

Nothing really to complain about with the Hamilton Beach 54221 blender. It is how all blenders should be – affordable and easy to use. Yes, the plethora of buttons can make it difficult choosing a setting but read through the accompanying manual and you immediately understand what each setting does. We have thus far tested out the smoothie function and the ice crushing high pulse feature. Both, have amazed us to the extent that we feel, you really do not need any idea of what each button does.

If you notice, the buttons progressing from left to right, increase in size and this translates to an increase in speed. That is about it. So, if you feel you need more speed pick a larger button. How much easier can things get. The only difficult part is the lid of this blender, that is super-tight. But then again, a sprout helps as you can empty the jar first and then pry open the lid.

Motor and Horsepower:

Probably the only area where the Hamilton Beach 54221 loses out to its competition. While it says 700 watts on its packaging and in advertisements, honestly it is a 3.5A motor which can at best pump out 400 watts. So, horsepower wise, the motor is lacking but it does not translate to blending. You do not ever feel the motor under powered and this is evident especially when pulverizing ice.

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Noise and Space:

Probably the most silent of all tabletop blenders in the market. It is not a surprise though considering all Hamilton Beach blenders tend to be silent. However, if you rate the sound of a window AC as 1 and that of a lawn mower as 10 then this probably falls near 3. As for space, this is a rather compact machine so you can store it anywhere you like and it won’t eat up any space.

Options and Features:

Nothing much in terms of options or features except for ample speed choices. Also you get to Pulse buttons – one for slow another for high. Blending is all about pace and nothing else. In this regards, the Hamilton Beach does an impressive job. Why over-complicate things, right?

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Warranty & Service:

Okay, so Blendtec, Vitamix and others probably give lifetime warranties on specific components but they also cost about 10 times this Hamilton Beach. Accordingly, we feel the 3-year warranty on the Hamilton Beach 54221 blender is more than ample for its cost.


If you are unsure of how much your blender will mean to you, mostly only depend on it for smoothies, an occasional blending of spices and so on, then the Hamilton Beach 54221 is an excellent choice. While it won’t destroy silverware or electronic gadgets, it does blend edible items without breaking a sweat.

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed to crush ice with ease thanks to Sabre Blades
  • 700-watt motor stress tested for over 8000 ice crushing blends
  • 14 different speed and blending options
  • Dishwasher safe 40 oz. glass jar with spout, lid and blades
  • Blade detaches from the base.
  • Comes with back cord storage area
  • Protected by a long 3 years’ warranty


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