Ninja NJ600 Review

Ninja NJ600 Review

The 1000 Watt motor means serious business when it comes to shredding ice!

6.6 Overall Score Reviewed By Experts

Do you love to have smoothies for a healthy breakfast or snack? Or, do you love to host parties and have a fabulous menu of frozen drinks on hand? Then this may be the blender for you. The Ninja NJ600 offers high speed motor and multi-level blades to get your ice frothy and powdery in seconds. Go from frozen fruits to healthy smoothie for your family in no time with this 1000 Watt blender that uses Ninja’s patented 6-blade technology. It is a ice crushing behemoth, probably designed with this single most gruesome yet necessary activity in the kitchen.

This blender packs a lot of power in a pleasing updated style that you won’t mind leaving out on your counter for easy daily use. While the safety features can be a little cumbersome and it’s not the blender for those that want a super smooth and liquid consistency to their drinks, it is a decent unit for those that want something to use on a daily basis for various blended drinks. Some additional features of this ice crushing beast include a non-slip base, cord storage at the back and a 72 ounce extra large pitcher with a pour spout and easy markings on the side.

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About the Ninja NJ600

Ease of Use:

The Ninja NJ600 is an easy to use blender with a lot of power. There are three speeds and a pulsing feature so you can do simple chops and processing with the pulse to full on liquefying tasks with the highest speed. Because of the high power and sharp layers of blades, it seems Ninja has implemented some safety features into the unit by making sure that the lid and pitcher are locked in place before operating. This adds an extra step to get used to but doesn’t necessarily make it difficult to operate. Washing is easy, and it is dishwasher safe. Or, you can easily rinse and then blend some warm soapy water in the pitcher to clean the blades.

Motor and Horsepower:

This is a powerful blender. The 1000 Watt motor means serious business and this is definitely for those who want something that can shred ice and make blended drinks quickly and frequently. The company claims that it can turn ice to powdery snow in seconds and the blender truly does deliver on that.

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Noise and Space:

The Ninja NJ600 seems to be slender enough to fit on a countertop and not take up too much space. It is one tower and doesn’t have any parts that stick out or make it an awkward shape to store in a cabinet or corner of the countertop.

The noise level is that of a high humming or buzzing noise, which is loud so you may need to turn up the volume on the TV just a bit while you blend. The pitcher is extra large, a full 72 ounces letting you make quite a bit of drinks at one time, which makes it great for a party drink blender.

Options and Features:

There are not a lot of bells and whistles, which is good for someone that just wants something they can use to make daily smoothies or to make a large amount of drinks at a party. It has three speeds and a pulse feature and that is about it. It is designed for safety which is why it features a safety lid that latches on in a specific way. The lid and the pitcher have to be locked on in order for the motor to start, great for those with little ones around the house. The lid offers a built in spout and you can pull out the blades, use it as a serving pitcher.

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Warranty & Service:

This is a consumer grade blender with a limited warranty from Euro-Pro Operating LLC for one year or any repair or replacement of the unit if it malfunctions only under normal wear and tear and at their discretion.


Overall, the Ninja NJ600 seems to be a decent blender for those that want to make a lot of drinks at a blended consistency. Anyone who wants a juicer for pure liquid or something that can function as a food processor would be better off with a different type of blender. But for thicker smoothies, snow cones, or frozen margaritas this one seems to do the trick. There is however a concern about the square shape of the pitcher as it may trap chunks of food in the corners which could lead to having to open and scrape things out of corners for it to completely blend and with the lock on the lid, this is not entirely easy.

Features and Specifications:

  • Strong and Powerful Blender with 1000 Watts of High Performing Professional Power
  • Large 72 oz. Extra Large Pitcher with Pour Spout
  • Strong and Sturdy with Non-Slip Base
  • Cord Storage
  • Safe for Dishwasher (Pitcher, Blades, and Lid)
  • BPA Free
  • Made for Very Hard Blending and Processing
  • World Renowned Ninja Six-Blade
  • Strong for Ice Crushing – Ice to Snow Powder in Seconds



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