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Ninja BL700 Review

About the Ninja BL700 Ease of Use: You don’t have to worry about cleaning this blender—it’s dishwasher safe and can easily be rinsed in the sink. It offers easy to control speed buttons and you can completely control the power of blending and use different modes. This makes it simple to use and ...

Ninja BL610 Review

About the Ninja BL610 Ease of Use: When you picture this massive and somewhat heavy blender, you might have apprehensions about its ease of use. But the Ninja BL610 is bound to surprise you in this regard! You can easily detach its blades and pitcher, and put them in your dishwasher after every ...

Ninja QB900B Review

About the Ninja QB900B Ease of Use: The Ninja QB900B is quite easy to assemble and use. But beware of the dangerously sharp blades that can cut your fingers to the bone. The blending and chopping occurs within a few seconds. Other than the power pod, all parts of the blender are ...

Ninja NJ600 Review

About the Ninja NJ600 Ease of Use: The Ninja NJ600 is an easy to use blender with a lot of power. There are three speeds and a pulsing feature so you can do simple chops and processing with the pulse to full on liquefying tasks with the highest speed. Because of the high power and sharp layers ...

Ninja QB1004 Review

About the Ninja QB1004 Ease of Use: While the multi-layered curved blades make chopping and blending quick, there is a downside to it. We noticed fruits and vegetables had to be cut smaller than usual to get them into the containers. Nonetheless, the blades are extremely sharp, just as ...

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